1. What is The Little Hope Book?

The Little Hope Book is the true story of a boy named Josh and his best friend, Hope. Hope is Josh’s steadfast encouragement and understanding in a big world, with big people and even bigger confusions. When he loses Hope to an unannounced tragedy, the audience is left to wonder, “Will Josh’s dream come true? What happens after one loses Hope? Once lost, can Hope be rediscovered?”

Written as a response to what we saw as a lack of children’s books effectively dealing with the loss of a loved one, The Little Hope Book also seeks to inspire the dreams of imagination; and, through motifs both visual and verbal, demonstrates how Hope is truly “the one thing that can never be lost”.

2. Who are the creators?

Written by Educational and Literacy Specialist Leah Alagna and illustrated by Award-Winning visual artist Josh Hunter, The Little Hope Book was written over 5 years with both creators working side-by-side in a coffee shop to make this true story come alive for its readers.

3. Is The Little Hope Book a hard or soft back publication?

Printed by the world’s leading printer of comic-book graphic novels, The Little Hope Book is 32-pages printed on oversized (12 inches by 11 inches) and glossy stock papers, perfect-bound & meant to impress.

4. If I’m not satisfied with my purchase, can I return it for a refund?

Absolutely! You can purchase with confidence because all orders are 100% risk-free! If you’re not blown away by your copy of The Little Hope Book, just return it within 60 days and we’ll refund your money – no worries, no problem – Guaranteed!

5. I’ve purchase The Little Hope Book, when can I expect to receive it?

All orders are processed within 3 business days and then immediately shipped using USPS with delivery confirmation.

6. I placed my order more than ten business days ago and I still have not received my item. What now?

Because we ship USPS with delivery confirmation, all records and tracking numbers are on file. Just contact us with your order’s details and we’ll work with you to make sure your item is receive a.s.a.p.

7. Is The Little Hope Book available at my local bookstore?

We are proud to say our ‘Little’ operation is completely home-grown. After being told repeatedly, “We love your book! But, it’s too deep for children,” we decided to strike out on our own and hold true to our artistic integrity. And, we are happy to say that through your support, The Little Hope Book has found the perfect spot on today’s ‘internet’ bookshelf.

8. I’d like to reference The Little Hope Book in a book report, teaching philosophy or similar special project – do you mind?

We almost never mind and, in fact, can usually lend a hand. Out of consideration please reference The Little Hope Book or its creators accordingly. Be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you’re working on. We usually offer to make a posting on TheLittleHopeBook.com for you!

9. I’d like to invite you to speak at a future forum – are you available?

We do offer limited speaking engagements – get in touch with the details and we’ll let you know if we have time in our schedule to participate.

10. Have any other questions, thoughts or feedback for us?

Drop us a line here (contact@thelittlehopebook.com) or by commenting on our blog.

Dream. Believe. Hope. ~ Leah and Josh