2009 Moonbeam Bronze Medal Winner Self-Esteem Book of the Year. GET THE BOOK A book about friendship, loss and belief. GET THE BOOK Created for the big dreamer in all of us. GET THE BOOK

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Home of the award-winning, imaginatively-detailed, children’s book.

The Little Hope Book is a story inspiring children to believe in their dreams, no matter how big or small. Within its pages, readers discover the imaginative world of Josh, and his best friend, and cat, Hope. Hope is Josh’s steadfast encouragement in a big world with big people and even bigger confusions. When Josh loses Hope to an unannounced tragedy, the audience is left to wonder, ‘What happens after someone loses their Hope? Once lost, can Hope be rediscovered?’ And, finally, ‘Will Josh’s dream ever come true?’

Told in a compelling verbal and visual format, this powerful story literally transform from cartoon to photo realistic art as you turn the pages. This enchanting book effortlessly illustrates the vital connection between Hope and the real life manifestation of a dream. The Little Hope Book is a tool for parents, teachers, and coaches, to facilitate the power of believing in one’s self and the ability to find magic in even troubling times.


The Little Hope Book is a treasured part of my book collection. The story sheds light on the struggle many creative children feel to conform as they mature. Adults and children alike can relate to this story. Hope is a character and an idea that is brought to life through an enchanting story and fantastical illustrations. It is a wonderful story to be shared with children of all ages and their adults!


Give the gift of Hope.

Printed by the world’s leading printer of comic-book graphic novels, The Little Hope Book is 32-pages printed on oversized (12″ x 11″) and glossy stock papers, perfect-bound & meant to impress.
All copies come signed by one of the creators and usually arrive within 5-7 business days.